Top Tips For Eating Healthy On a Budget

One of the biggest problems I hear from people when it comes to eating healthy is that they can’t eat healthy when they are on a budget. Yes, it’s true, organic foods are expensive especially with the rise in popularity with stores like Whole Foods. This doesn’t mean that you can’t stay on budget and eat healthy. There shouldn’t be any excuse for you to not eat healthy and take good care of your health. Below, I’ll go over some top tips I share with people on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Go to a farmers market

Going to a farmers market is an awesome way to purchase groceries on a budget. A good tip is to go to the farmers market near closing because this is when most vendors will lower their prices to clear everything that they have left. You can purchase a lot of organic foods for cheap at a farmers market. At the same time, you can purchase in bulk which means that you can stock up for the rest of the week! So, take a trip to the farmers market today 🙂

Purchase whole produce

When you purchase pre-cut produce, prices tend to be higher because of the fact that they require labor and resources to do this. Have you ever tried ordering pizza at a restaurant like Little Ceasars? If you purchase a large pizza there, it’s only $5 whereas if you purchase a smaller pizza, they will charge you more. That is because it requires more labor and resources to make it custom for you. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive as long as you’re willing to put some time and work into it. You might have a lot of fun cutting up your own produce as well!

Stock up your freezer with frozen foods

When we think of frozen foods, the first thing that usually comes to mind is pizza, frozen spaghetti, quick rice meals. Those aren’t the best for you, and I would never recommend it. Instead, I would recommend stocking up your freezer with frozen vegetables and fruits. Those usually aren’t nearly as expensive and can remain in the freezer for a long period of time.

Go for cheaper versions of protein

Have you noticed that when people meal prep, they tend to go for a lot of chicken, eggs, tuna, and turkey? What do all of those have in common? Other than the fact that they are lean, they are also the best protein source for the cheapest value at supermarkets. This is a good way to start eating healthy while remaining on a budget. All these foods are a great source of protein and great for your body. Breakfast doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be simply bacon and eggs or an omelet which is very budget friendly.

Drink tap water

If you really think about it, we actually spend more on liquid than you think. Buying bottles of water can cost a lot, especially when you mix it in with tea, coffee, fruit drinks and other forms of liquid. It can get pricey. Eating healthy on a budget will require you to make some changes. Depending on the country that you’re based in, it might be a wise decision for you to drink from tap water to save money. This doesn’t apply to people who are in countries where tap water isn’t clean. In that case, you can purchase a water boiler and boil your own water to save some money.

Rice cooker

Invest in a rice cooker. It’s one of the best decisions that you can make if you want to start eating healthy on a budget. One of my friends that live in Thailand talked about how the first thing he did when he moved into his new place was that he purchased a rice cookie to save money. Unless you don’t eat rice, then it is much cheaper to purchase a rice cooker and cook rice yourself everyday than going out and buying meals with rice included.

Cook your own meals

It can be difficult to think about cooking your own meals especially when you are busy. That is another reason why we started NutritionHacks Meal Planning Service. With the meal planning service, our nutritional coach will work closely with you to come up with a personalized planned meal, so that you don’t have to spend time looking for non-bland foods. You can even choose low budget and quick 5 minute meals as an option.

If you’re looking to eat healthy on a budget, you should cook your own foods instead of eating out. Prep a night ahead of time and bring a packaged food to work. Take a look at the below chart for an approx. $40 for 2 weeks worth of food. That’s about $20 a week. All it takes is some home cooking and you’re good to go!

Item Cost
Box of spaghetti noodles $0.89
Container rolled oats $1.99
Flour tortillas $1.19
Loaf sliced bread $1.19
3-pack of bell peppers $1.99
Couple heads broccoli $1.19
Bag of apples $1.49
2 bunches of bananas $1.50
Cauliflower $2.39
3 pounds onions $1.39
2 pounds carrots $1.19
5 pounds russet potatoes $2.89
2 cans chickpeas $1.20 ($0.59/each)
2 cans black beans $1.20 ($0.59/each)
2 cans other beans $1.20 ($0.58/each)
1 large can peeled tomatoes $1.50
Jar of peanut butter $1.69
Jar of pasta sauce $1.99
2 cans of tuna $2.30 ($1.15/each)
Jar of salsa $1.99
2 tubs low-fat yogurt $4.00 ($1.99/each)
2 blocks of hard cheese $4.00 ($1.99/each)
Dozen eggs $1.55


Save those coupons!

You probably receive a lot of ads from your local grocery stores in your mail. This is the time to save them! Believe it or not, most of them have really good offers. It’s just that most of us don’t take the actual time to look at it and tend to toss it away without looking at it. Well, starting today, you should keep them! You never know when you’ll need them. If you don’t have any of them, you can always look up your local area’s grocery store’s website and print out a copy from there.

Buy in season

It’s true that you can always almost find any fruit even when it’s off-season, but buying in season has it’s advantages, it’s much cheaper. Our goal is to save money while eating healthy, so try to buy all your produce while it’s within season. Usually, it’s much cheaper at this time and the ones that are about to be out of season are fairly cheap as well.

I hope this article helped all you guys! Remember! Eating healthy does not need to be expensive at all. Just have to make mindful decisions.

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