The Health Benefits of Eating Pistachio And How It Can Help You Reshape Your Life

Pistachios have become one of the most popular and common food staple for any healthy eater out theirs. With them becoming commercially available all over the globe and being quite delicious to eat, it’s amazing how far this nut has extended its reach around the world. While they mainly native to the Asian region, they’ve become available in various forms such as shelled, unshelled, sweetened or even salted. Now for those of you who may be looking for the full-on nutritional experience of pistachios, its best to avoid the sweetened or salted ones. Getting your hands on its unshelled variety is the best optimal choice for the full-on nutritional value it will serve you in the long run. Pistachios are one of the many few nuts that contain most of the nutrients required by people to maintain their overall health.

Let’s go over some facts on the nutritional value a pistachio can provide for anyone who’s looking for a much healthier snack to consume throughout their day, shall we?

Nutritional Value

Pistachios come jam-packed with all sorts beneficial nutrients, a serving made up of at least 50 pistachios contains the following nutrients:


  • Calories: 156
  • Carbs: 8 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Fat: 12 grams (90% are healthy fats)
  • Potassium: 8% of the RDI
  • Phosphorus: 14% of the RDI
  • Vitamin B6: 24% of the RDI
  • Thiamin: 16% of the RDI
  • Copper: 18% of the RDI
  • Manganese: 17% of the RDI


One interesting fact about this list is the amount of vitamin B6 pistachios contain. Its one of the few select foods that contain a rich amount of Vitamin B6. This helps with several functions of the human body, these include blood sugar regulations and the formation of hemoglobin, a molecule that carries the oxygen to blood cells. Another interesting tidbit is the amount of potassium a pistachio contains, which is more than half of a banana.

Weight Lost

For those of you who are trying their best to combat weight loss and are looking for alternatives to snacks to eat in between the daily grind of life, well look no further, pistachios are some of the best replaces for unhealthy snack foods. By consuming between each serving of meals, the healthy fats, fiber, and protein of pistachio nutrition can help anyone manage their hunger between meals. They also help you with not feeling immense hunger when it comes to your next meal, allowing to feel stated afterwards. Although, do not consume pistachio in high quantities, as it is a calorie-rich food.


Antioxidants are key factors when it comes to your personal health. They help prevent any sort of cell damage along with as reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer. Pistachios are one of the few nuts out there that contain large of amounts of antioxidants. Lutein, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Carotenes and Vitamin E are all important antioxidants found in pistachios. In a matter of fact, lutein and zeaxanthin are very important antioxidants for eye health. They prevent the eyes from being damaged by blue light and age-related macular degeneration, a condition that is the main concern for impaired or loss of vision.  Furthermore, two of the most abundant antioxidants in pistachios, polyphenols, and tocopherols, can also help protect against cancer and heart disease. One interesting fact discovered by researchers. Is the fact the antioxidants in pistachios have been shown to be accessible in the stomach, making them absorbable during digestion.

Healthy Heart.

Consuming Pistachio in moderate amounts can be incredibly beneficial for your heart condition, Due to it containing rich amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids that help reduce the effects of high blood pressure. Phytosterol in pistachio reduces the absorption rate of dietary cholesterol from various foods. This help to alleviate the levels of negative cholesterol in the blood. Negative cholesterol clogs up the arteries, preventing the blood supply to the heart. Consumption of pistachio also reduces stress related to elevated blood pressure.

Nervous System

The amounts of Vitamin B6 contained within a pistachio can also help with the formation of amino acids. Amino acids can develop into amines that act as neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 also synthesizes myelin, which forms an insulated cover around the nerve fiber for a more proper transportation of signals. Pistachio can also lead to the production of serotonin, melatonin, and GABA, which help reduce stress. It also comes along with trace amounts of copper, which is responsible for neurotransmission.


Due to the influences, a pistachio has on insulin levels and blood circulation, it can help with preventing a nasty case of acne. Blood sugar shifts often to provide excess oil, leading to pimples and acne. Pistachio contains selenium, which works in conjunction with Vitamin E to reduce skin inflammation and the appearance of scars.

Pistachios are a fantastic source of foods for anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re snacking on them or adding them to some delicious recipes, the benefits will greatly enhance your lifestyle. So why not give this nut a try and see how it positively affect your overall health.


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