Nutrition For For Pets and Dogs Compared With Human Food

Everyone knows that I’m a huge nutrition junkie. This is why I write on this blog, but I’m also an avid dog owner as well. Recently I came across some interesting topics online. “What foods can both dogs and human eat?”

That’s an interesting question. For a simple reference, everyone should check out this article: Foods That You Can And Can’t Give To Your Dog

The truth is that dogs need nutrition just like humans do. Dogs need everything from Vitamins to minerals to protein. That article goes in depth about it.

Without getting too into detail you should check out this infographic made by PupUnite

dog food infographic

As you can tell from the infographic, dogs can eat pretty much everything humans can except for candies and chocolate, which you shouldn’t be eating too much anyway!

From my research it also seems like dogs can take supplements as well, which makes it very similar to humans.

For reference, you can check out this article on Dog Supplements

Hope this helped all the dog owners that are also nutrition junkies!

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