The Best Whey Protein Powder In 2017 With Reviews and Top Picks

Choosing the right protein powder for you can be difficult. In this guide, we’ll go over the top and best protein powder in 2017. We’ve tested all of these protein powder ourselves and we’ve asked a lot of feedback from our community on their favorite one.


Optimum 100% whey is one of the best selling and most popular type of whey protein. The serving size for this is one rounded scoop, 30.4g. This will give you approximately 14 servings per pound.
If you are keeping track of your daily intake, please note that each serving has 120 calories that consists of: Protein-24g, Fat-1gCarbohydrates-3g (Sugar-1g), Cholesterol-30mg, and Sodium-130mg. Carbohydrates-3g (Sugar-1g), Cholesterol-30mg, and Sodium-130mg.
Other ingredients contained in this product, per serving, are: Cocoa, Lecithin, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium, Aminogen, and Lactase.

What we liked about this whey protein powder is that it is effective and quick. Most buyers have said that they didn’t like the taste of the product, but that depends on the type of flavor that you choose.

We first purchased the Double Rich Chocolate and have to say it wasn’t bad at all. Usually with chocolate flavor protein, the taste is overly sweet, but this wasn’t the problem for us. It mixes with both milk and water really well and I’ve never really had it clump together like other protein powders. One major plus is that unlike other protein powders, I didn’t need to stir things around for it to mix. It worked well with water. I would recommend you pour your water or milk into your cup first, if not it seems to take a minute to get all of the powder to mix.

This whey protein powder definitely helped me fuel my workouts and I felt I was getting stronger over time. I also didn’t experience any side effects from this whey protein powder.

If you’re searching for a tasty protein that mixes well and goes down smooth, I’d recommend this one. You can’t ask for a better product at such a good price. I will continue to use this myself because I know it works.



- Fast Results
- Mixes Well
- Effective
- Easily Mixed


- Can have bland taste depending on flavor


This is one of the more pricier whey proteins for the value, but it’s still in one of our top list for best whey protein powder. I’ve used this one many times and I’ve had consistent results.

I have only tried the chocolate flavor of this product and I mix it with water. It mixes extremely well and the taste is much better than any other whey protein I have tried. I do not follow the suggested serving size of three scoops (60g of protein) as I feel that is way too much protein at once. On heavy lifting days, I will have two scoops (40g protein) pre-workout and two scoops post workout. On cardio or lighter days I usually just have one shake with a scoop and a half.

I have not noticed any side effects, although I do notice a significant recovery in my muscles from day to day. I am very happy with this product with the exception of the price. It is extremely expensive (even with my GNC gold card).

One thing I really loved about this whey protein powder is the recovery speed. It really helps with recovery especially if you feel that you are shaking after a heavy lifting session.

AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60


- Mixes extremely well
- Strength increase
- Quick Recovery
- Taste great
- Low Calorie


- Expensive
- Serving size is a bit too much


I have a lot of opinions about this brand. Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of nitro-tech products because it tastes kind of like chalk to me, but this one is a little bit different. It actually has a natural taste to it which I loved.

Their Chocolate Peanut Butter did a better job covering the chalky taste but the French Vanilla Creme almost made me second guess if it was edible even when mixed with milk! The price is hard to beat and it delivers the needed goods so, might as well suck it up.

Aside from the taste, the most important aspect for me is if it is easy to digest and Nitro-Tech 100% Whey Gold did not disappoint. I would recommend this product along with the flavor.

Upon my first time mixing the powder, I noticed how well it mixed. I used water, and I also have used milk. It mixed well with both. It tastes great, I have a difference with my physique, I recover quicker, and I have been drinking two shakes a day. I recommend this product, as it has helped me put on mass.

I usually put 1 scoop of this with a couple of bananas, 250ml of skimmed fat free milk, 1 tbsp of peanut butter and a handful of blueberries to make a super powered morning shake on days when I don’t get time to eat breakfast.



- Taste great - Fast recovery - Works - Pretty good value for the price


- None


I was excited to try a new ‘clean’ whey protein from an up and coming company. This would not only save me money on a month’s worth of whey but I was also excited to try a product that the company touted as clean. I read reviews on other forums that said the protein was very tasty and of very high quality. The product came through TROOPS within a week and has a comparably smaller but taller size than most whey proteins. The look is clean and sleek. I got the ice cream sandwich flavor after requesting vanilla. The look Royal Sport LTD uses is reminiscent of Cellucor, making their products visually appealing. Upon opening it, the protein had a very strong chemical smell to it which made me nervous about how it would taste. I decided to take a few scoops after a long, laborious day at work, here’s what I thought:

Effectiveness-Royal Sport LTD Clean 100 did help me recover from workouts and help keep me going when I took it intra workout. Both of these components are expected with every whey protein. It did seem to work quicker after consuming than some others did; not sure if this relates to the products components or my individual metabolism. This was nice as I have only experienced this before with hydrolyzed whey protein. This is not on par with that but sometimes when I took it at the gym after I workout I felt okay enough to keep going for a while if I decided too. Overall there’s not a lot beside how quickly I felt it when differing it from other whey powders. Like all the others, it’s effective for recovery and is a moderate component to muscle building.

Many reviewers do not like reviewing a product based on taste. Although for this product I think it’s especially important due to price and the company being fresh onto the scene. Taste overall does not matter a whole lot to me unless the taste is not good. This protein had way, way too strong of a chemical and sweet taste for me. Just for the record I have tried and sampled tons of different whey proteins throughout my years in the bodybuilding community. I mixed the first dose with water and it mixed well, better than most. The taste made it hard to get down. The next time I mixed it with organic whole milk, this made the taste slightly better but it was still difficult to get down. I was kind of upset and I was super stoked about trying a new powder and had high expectations for it. I would most likely attribute the strange taste to too much sucralose or ace-k (two artificial sweeteners).

Mixing: This product mixed well with water in a shaker, only took about 15-30 seconds of vigorous shaking. It took a little bit longer to mix in milk which is expected. Overall I think this product mixes very well and could be mixed easily on the go. I used one-two scoops depending on the intensity and duration of the workout. On long runs, I would take on scoop introduction and one scoop post workout. If I had a lot of heavy lifting at work, i would take one scoop during the day and sometimes one scoop at the end with some BCAA’s.

Flavor-The flavor I received was Ice Cream Sandwich. This sounded very appealing although I wondered how a company could recreate the taste of an ice cream sandwich in a whey protein powder. As I stated above, the taste was rough at best. I mixed it with cow’s milk, soy milk, hemp milk, water and many other things but could not get past the chemical taste. I even added ice cream and candy one time; once again that chemical flavor dominated the taste of this beverage.

‘Clean’ Claim: Compared to some of the other whey proteins I have tried this product does have significantly less ingredients and a somewhat cleaner profile. I do not consider sucralose a clean chemical. I understand many bodybuilders are concerned with every single calorie, especially in their supplements, and sucralose being 0 calories helps quell this fear. After years with supplements, I would really like to see companies use something besides sucralose to sweeten the products. I know sucralose is cost effective and liked by many, but I struggle to understand how it could be denoted as ‘clean’. I am glad the company does not use any gluten, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, fillers or dyes. I definitely want to give them credit for trying to make a cleaner product.

Profile-Ultra Clean 100 has 20grams of protein per serving which is a perfect amount, although 25grams would have been better and could have given them a marketing edge. It only has 100 calories per serving, 2 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of fat. From this perspective it is cleaner than some others. It contains whey protein isolate and concentrate; some companies throw in casein to give it more time to breakdown and aid recovery although these two components seem sufficient for the product. Using whey isolate only could have given this even more of a clean profile. It uses ‘natural and artificial flavors’. I understand this designation is used in a large amount of supplement blends but my research has indicated that it could be over 1,000 different chemicals. The FDA allowed regulated products to use the ‘natural and artificial flavors’ in place of naming the exact chemical in the product; obviously the FDA and supplements aren’t working together at the moment. I would like to know what flavors this is referring to specifically, that doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable request. It also has cellulose/xanthan gum, ace-k, and sucralose. I would like to see whey protein powders move away from artificial sweeteners. They are not something I feel 100% comfortable with consuming. Overall, there’s not a ton of ingredients which is always a plus. A lower amount of ingredients usually translates to fewer side effects such as gas, indigestion, neither of which I experienced using this product. It comes with 30 servings, which could be increased especially for the price but is a relatively normal amount of servings.

Price- The price for this whey protein is higher than most. It costs $59.99 for 2lbs, breaking down to $30 a pound. Even given the cleaner profile, there are proteins out there with similar profiles for a lot less money. The taste was tough although the more traditional flavors such as chocolate or vanilla taste better. I say this because if the taste is awesome I will usually continue buying that particular powder. Considering this company seems to be just starting up, I can understand higher prices to re-comp manufacturing costs but even with a solid profile, good taste (if it exists), and versatility; it’s near impossible to justify such a price. The reality is you could buy a cheaper whey protein from a reputable company, and a bunch of clean food for the price of 2lbs. of this protein. Even if the taste was better, it should be priced around $30, maybe a little more. I have used products with better profiles, even ones that include digestive enzymes for half the price of this.

Overall-I hate to deny a product due to the taste but it was just too much for me. The chemical and intensely sweet taste was too much for this product to be enjoyed, no matter what I mixed it with. I wanted to like this product as the company is trying to create a clean product but at the end of the day I could not endorse it. The price is too steep as well, being $30 for pound. It does seem to digest quickly and aids in intra/post workout recovery. The product for sure works, but taste and price deter me from recommending it.

Ultra Clean 100 Whey


- Amazing Taste
- Hit Your Macros
- Versatile
- CLEAN Powder
- Great Taste
- Lean Profile


- Not the best price for the value

Well that wraps it up for this review! We didn’t want to include too many products that we haven’t tried. We wanted to only include the ones that we tried and leave an unbiased review. You should pick the one that works best for you and that you feel most comfortable with!


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